Message from Head Director

Tatsuo Izawa Head Director
Tatsuo Izawa
Head Director

CIST is what is called "A Publicly-funded and Privately-run College", which was founded by the City of Chitose in 1998 and has been under private management of university corporation.
We have endeavored to produce and send many able persons with the results of our research into society in order to bear fruit there and bring the benefit back to CIST, and we have also kept trying to help the students to build up their character here.
In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of CIST, we collected voluntary contributions and built an additional facility for environmental improvement.

Here you can study a wide variety of subjects such as history, economics, foreign languages, etc., for general education as well as electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, information processing, etc., as specialized subjects, but it's impossible to master all the things.

College provides an awareness of the world of academia to you and you study an introduction of the world.
However, mastering introductory courses is not good enough to make use of the knowledge for society.
I recommend that you study one of the subjects deeply that you get interested in.
When you master one, you'll gain confidence and you'll be able to start another field of study easily, whenever you have need, after leaving school.
We're promoting lots of assistance such as e-learning to help you with self-directed learning.

Communication with friends is also an essential element of college life.
It's a precious experience to make efforts for improving your power of expression to let your friends know your opinion through communication with them and to cultivate your sociality through knowing the difference in value and the abilities which you don't have.
As Darwin said, the most intelligent or the strongest one cannot always survive, but the one who deals with changes in the environment can survive, which also holds true of human society.

I hope all of you develop your strength, realize your weakness, learn here as the place you gain power to respond to changes and leave here as decent members of society.