Welcome Message from President

Masaaki Kawase President
Masaaki Kawase President

"The 21st Century is the era of Photonics" - we often encounter such statements.

The primary purpose of Chitose Institute of Science and Technology (CIST) is to offer a unique educational experience which will lead students to an advanced level in the knowledge and techniques of the photonic sciences which will undoubtedly be in the vanguard of technological progress in the 21st Century.

CIST was founded on April 1st 1998 and has already attracted worldwide attention by hosting the annual International Forum on Photonics Sciences. As a specialist university CIST has only one faculty - Faculty of Photonics Science; this consists of three departments: Department of Applied Chemistry and Bioscience, Department of Opto-Electronic System Engineering and Department of Infomation Systems Engineering.

In April 2002 the CIST Graduate School was launched, and CIST has built a solid foundation as a center of excellence for Photonics Science. Photonics Science and Technology is a really attractive and challenging field through which to create flourishing and sustainable human world in the 21st Century.

I am very happy to invite active young people to Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, and hope to open the door to the future together.