The results of the doctoral dissertations

No.NameDissertation TitleDate of Award
20Ookouchi, YoshihiroAn Analysis of Scholastic Ability from the Placement Tests and GPA: Towards Early Identification of Dropouts.June 29th, 2016
No.NameDissertation TitleDate of Award
18 Hasegawa, Osamu Study on Operational Scheme of e-Learning Utilization in Elementary and Secondary Education September 6th, 2015
19Tsuji, KeikoDevelopment of a Knowledge Visualization Function SystemMarch 19th, 2016
No.NameDissertation TitleDate of Award
17 Kiyono, Yuuji Novel formation methods of mesoscopic structure by self-assembly and self-organization of polymer March 16th, 2013
No.NameDissertation TitleDate of Award
15 Tada, Kazuhiro Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering spectroscopy using soliton pulses March 17th, 2012
16 Yamakawa, Hiroto Study on a visualization system for students' study records linked with the knowledge database of science and technologies March 17th, 2012
No.NameDissertation TitleDate of Award
14 Mikami, Takuya Sellmeier and Thermo-optic Dispersion Formulas for RTP and CTA, and Their Practical Applications March 19th, 2011
No.NameDissertation TitleDate of Award
9 Sugita, Tatsuya Study of high performance chirped grating with analyses of wavefront aberration and vector diffraction efficiency and its application September 2nd, 2009
10 Miyata, Kentarou Advanced nonlinear frequency conversions in BIBO September 2nd, 2009
11 Shirogane, Rei Optical Properties of Photosensitizer Talaporfin for Photodynamic Diagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy and Study of Tissue Penetrability of Excitation Light and Cell Autofluorescence March 20th, 2010
12 Kon, Kenichi Production of inorganic porous film and application to photocatalyst March 20th, 2010
13 Matsushita, Kenji The study of bandstop filters with using periodic nonuniform transmission lines. March 20th, 2010
No.NameDissertation TitleDate of Award
7 Oda, Hisaya Experimental study of nonlinear optical properties of two dimensional AlGaAs-based photonic-crystal slab line-defect waveguides March 21st, 2009
8 Nakai, Naoya Novel Solid-State Dye Laser with Optical Grating March 21st, 2009
No.NameDissertation TitleDate of Award
4 Banerjee, Saumyabrata Noncritical Phase-Matched Parametric Frequency Conversion in Mid-IR September 9th, 2007
5 Kawanishi, Yukiya A Case Study of Web-Based Learning in Higher Education - Instructional Design and Implementation using Digital Pens March 15th, 2008
6 Nishide, Jun-ichi Study on Polymeric Devices - Development of Polymer FET and Photorefractive Device March 15th, 2008
No.NameDissertation TitleDate of Award
3 Imai, Junichi Experimental Evaluation of e-Learning for Mathematics Education for Technology and Construction of Mathematical Knowledge March 17th, 2007
No.NameDissertation TitleDate of Award
1 Oyamada, Takahito Control of organic inorganic interfaces aiming for high performance organic optoelectronic devices March 18th, 2006
2 Goushi, Kenichi Electroluminescence processes in organic light-emitting diodes - Carrier injection, transport andexcition decay processes - March 18th, 2006