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Message from the Head Director/President

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Chitose Institute of Science and Technology (CIST) is called “a publicly funded privately run college” that was founded by the City of Chitose in 1998 and has been managed as a private university. It initially was a science and engineering university founded on the Faculty of Optical Science providing a wide range of science courses on the theme of “light.” With the successive changes in the industrial structure and technological advances, the target academic fields have gradually been expanded, and in 2015, the Faculty of Science and Technology was established to provide integrated courses in science and engineering. CIST has produced many professionals who are active in various fields and industries by applying the knowledge and technological skills in science, engineering and the humanities that were cultivated at the university.
Reforms intended to ensure stable continuation of this trend and future growth of the university include the three pillars of “change of management form (incorporation of public university),” “education reform,” and “strengthening contributions to local communities.” In April 2019 it thus became Public Chitose Institute of Science and Technology.
The university’s basic philosophies are to “cultivate intelligent individuals with amicable personality through education and research in a wide range of fields, including science and engineering,” and to be “a university that develops symbiotically with society in coexistence with the local community.” As a public institution, CIST will gradually construct new facilities, strengthen the system, and increase the number of faculty members to enhance the environment where students can flourish through a fulfilling university life. While the major features of the university, such as “selecting a major from the second year,” “a curriculum emphasizing experiments and practical training,” “career education-linked curriculum,” and "group work/project education” remain intact, CIST will expand the educational programs to expose students to academic knowledge and skills in science and engineering, while cultivating humanity and equipping them to continue playing active roles in the future society as professionals in mathematical information science regardless of field.
As a measure to strengthen local contributions, CIST also promotes the new town development concept, “Smart Nature City Chitose,” and aims to serve as a “base of knowledge,” a “base of human resources,” and a “base of local and social contributions.”
The university gives students the freedom to experience various fields of science and engineering close up during their first year of study before deciding on a major. Both students who know what they want and those who don’t can carefully weigh their options in their fields of interest and aptitude. I hope you will also open the door to the fascinating world of “science and engineering,” which is indispensable for the development of society and the creation of the future.
   公立千歳科学技術大学 理事長・学長

Graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering, School of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Earned a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University.
Information science, information communication networks, multimedia information processing