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Disclosure of information

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Based on our aim to be a university that is open to society by disclosing information and actualizing accountability, CIST publicizes all information, including university evaluations and financial information, through its website.

Basic information on education and research

1. Names of faculties, departments, courses, graduate schools and majors, and their educational and research purposes

2. Faculty member information

3. Academic and other fees collected by the university

Academic fees (academic year 2019)
First year
Admission fee
(city residents*)
141,000 yen
Admission fee
(people from outside the city)
282,000 yen
Tuition fee 535,800 yen
*The term “city residents” refers to students who or whose parents or guardians reside or have resided in Chitose City for at least one year as of the first day of the month of entering the university, and who or whose parents or guardians will continue to hold an address in the city after enrollment.
Second to fourth years
Tuition fee 535,800 yen
  • A student education and research accident insurance premium and an alumni association fee are separately collected at the time of the admission procedure.
  • If the tuition fee is revised while still in school, the revised amount will apply from the time of the revision.

4. Joint arrangements, collaborative relationships, international exchanges and social contributions